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The use of our product is comfortable for the users as it requires no special skills. It is advance as well as easy to use. The company provides innovative softwares. The Royal Software is a company located in Gujarat, India and spread across India, providing cutting-edge technology development in Business Process and Integrated Solutions. We make sure that you get desired benefits out of our product.

Design concepts are based on straight forward principles, which make our software applications highly comprehensive and easily operative to the professional and the laymen alike.

Our Software Solutions are designed for Lifetime Usage, which once installed will function Year to Year without any End of the Year complications or additional maintenance expenses.

At www.theroyalsoftware.com we will strive to meet all of your demands. We can provide the product according to your requirements.

Our main product is 'Copy-Controller'. It is mainly a tool for software developers. The developers use it for locking the software based on activation key. It is trustworthy that makes you worry-free. A highly safe and sound tool that saves your money.

  • To make tools that are easy to use.
  • To save your money & time.
  • To answer all your questions.
  • To help you and your business.



Copy Controller is Activation key base licensing system for .NET framework and VB6 applications.


  • Get some customize information(as per requirement) from your client PC in the form of a key(Unique Code).
  • You can give activation key to the Client that allows his software to work as a license software.
  • It also lets you to pass some customize information(as per requirement) in activation key.


When a client FORMATs his PC, he can run your software with the old activation key. Many a times your Client does not contact you for Activation key (Because activation key has some PC hardware details, activation key is for a particular PC, So it will not work in other PCs).


Windows 95/98/Me to Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista and Windows 7


Royalty Free
This software Copy-Protects unlimited number of your softwares with no additional cost or hardware (dongles, keys etc.). Copy Controller is made of complex software protection technique and PC hardware details.Licence Protector is delivered with the Royalty-Free model. You pay once and you can distribute your software to an unlimited number of customers.


(For more customize requirements Contact Us.)

How does it work?

Activation Help

Price List

License Price
Single PC License $150
Mutiple PCs License
* Just pay $20 extra for each additional PC